Getting married on Lake Garda - A wedding in Torri del Benaco



A wedding in Torri del Benaco

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Getting married on Lake Garda - A wedding in Torri del Benaco

Considering the many requests of the previous years, the Municipal Administration will give the opportunity to foreign citizens to celebrate their civil wedding in Torri del Benaco during 2014. In the romantic setting of the Scaliger Castle, the couples can choose among the following locations the one which is more suitable for their own needs:

- the Fishing Room (“Barchessa”), where extremely rare old nets and a typical “flat gondola” can be admired;

- the Lemon grove (“Limonaia”), one of the last existing greenhouses for citrus fruits on lake Garda, dating back to 1760;

- the Tower (“Torre”), where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the characteristic little harbour and of the old town centre, as well as of the lake itself;

- the Ceremony Room, recently refurbished in quite a modern style. Now available for civil weddings also the Auditorium San Giovanni, once a church now deconsecrated. This building has a remarkable architectonic value and is located within a few metres from the lakeside and the centre of Torri del Benaco. Last but not least the possibility of holding weddings any day of the week and at various times of the day.


Orario di apertura al pubblico: Lunedì al Sabato dalle 09.00 alle 13.00
Responsabile: Dr. Luca De Massari
045 6205810 045 6205800

Personale addetto all'ufficio: Dr.ssa Francesca Lombardi
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La serra dei limoni - Limonara

Le Torri del Castello

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