Restaurant Le Gemme di Artemisia

The romantic and exclusive location to celebrate small wedding reception or special events.

Le Gemme di Artemisia

The restaurant Le Gemme di Artemisia
We are opened from the 6th April to the 5th November 2018. It requires a deposit (100 euro) and advance booking of a min of 24 hours.
You may request a tasting menu  based on seafood or meat or mixed. Fixed price for the menu (5 courses, including dessert)  is 100 euro per person , not bevareges included.
With the new year 2017 we offer our customers the chance ‘to stay in our bedroom suite on the top floor with stunning views of Lake Garda. Ideal for couples who book a cooking class or marriage, or would like to spend the stay in absolute and intimate tranquility.
The Gemme suite includes exclusive breakfast room service.

docking stereo, Independent entrance and heating, Private parking place, wi fi, Breakfast room service, Lake view.

Please ask for rates and avaiability.


MENU 1 ( Red Roses)
Welcome glass of Prosecco and Finger food with small bites
Garganelli con ragù di cortile
Home made  maccheroni with country-side meat ragout; Mixed green Salad;
Stuffed Corn-fed chicken breast charcoal grilled
with Pommes fondant, spinach pie and lemon cream sauce. Wedding cake.

MENU 2 (Lavender)
Welcome glass of Prosecco and Finger food with small bites
Broiled scallops wrapped in lard and fresh sage soft Polenta, mushrooms and cheese fondue.
Cold pumpkin soup with toasted almands, basil pesto and garlic bruschetta
Traditional slow-cooked Braised Beef in red wine
(or in alternative with lamb shank). Wedding cake.

MENU 3 (Artemisia)
Welcome glass of Prosecco and Finger food with small bites
To start with….Antipasti selection (Choose one below)
Marinated Salmon with green tomatoes pickles toasted butter bread and King prawns salad. Prosciutto San Daniele with fresh fruits salad and buffalo mozzarella
Smoked Goose breast sweet and sour plums sauce deep fried Ravioli with cheese fondue
Beef fillet Carpaccio Mustard Zabayon, parmesan shavings greens and asparagus (April-June)
In between….Primo piatto (Choose one below)
Fish Ravioli and and sea-food sauce; Creamy Risotto with pumpkin puree, Crab sauce and Cognac; Maccheroni “Garganelli with Wild Duck ragout;
Traditional Lasagne alla Bolognese
The main dish….Secondo Piatto (Choose one below)
Grilled Tuna steak with caramellized pineapple, mashed potatoes and Italian Peperonata
Sea-bass fillet in potatoes jacket ratatouille of fresh vegetables, Lemon and basil sauce
Roasted Rack of Lamb in red wine sauce, Risotto with mushrooms and truffles
Beef Tenderloin on the Charcoal Grill with rocket salad and roasted potatoes.
Wedding cake

Cooking class program
All the cooking class are held in the morning from April to beginning of November. These are organized from 2 people up to max 6. In case we are not available in the morning time, it is possible to have the class in the afternoon starting from 3 pm until max 7 pm.
A complimentary Italian breakfast will be offered to the guests upon arrival in our restaurant at 9:30 am. A recipes folder will be given to each participant once the class will start (9:45 am) followed by a certificate signed by the chef. The cooking class will ended up around aprox 1:00 – 1:30 pm.
Duration: 4 hours aprox including lunch.
A special program will be organized for small groups (10 – 15 people).
Please, ask further details.
Please note that other guests can join to your class.
Basic course
Hands-on cooking class / sample of the preparations: traditional italian Food, Bread, Bruschetta, Ciabatta, antipasti,         pasta-ravioli,        tagliolini, tortelloni,        Risot and   dolci (desserts).
Welcome   with  an     Italian         Breakfast (cappuccino and pastry) on our terrace overlooking the lake; Hands-on cooking class; Lunch which includes a bottle of wine, water and coffee at the end of the meal.
Intermedia course
A four courses meal with more difficult preparation recipes.
Welcome with an Italian Breakfast (cappuccino and pastry) on our terrace overlooking the lake; Hands-on cooking class;  Lunch which includes 2 different wines , water , coffee at the end of the meal.
Advanced course
Italian culinary evolution. Preparation of 5 courses set menu (starter, soup, pasta, main course, dessert).  Welcome with an Italian Breakfast (cappuccino and pastry) on our terrace overlooking the lake; Hands-on cooking class; Lunch which includes 3 different wines bottle of water, coffee or cappuccino.
Each student will have , personal recipes and a diploma signed by the chef.

Please ask for prices and avaiability.

Le Gemme cooking school and Fornaser winery.

Fornaser Winery is located in the heart of the Valpolicella area (San Pietro in Cariano), famous for the red wines.

Cooking class in the winery

Traditional Verona
Polenta (corn meal), braised red chicory, mushrooms, lard and salami Bigoli (home made spaghetti with lake Garda sardines)
Potaotes dumplings with pork sausages
Baci di Giulietta (Juliet’s kisses cookies)
Hands-on cooking class; Lunch which includes a bottle of Valpolicella wine, a bottle of water, coffee.

Il Maestro
The wine maker’s favourite
Carpaccio (beef Carpaccio) Monte Baldo
Risotto with Amarone red wine
Duck breast with balsamic sauce and cherry jam
Mousse with gorgonzola cheese and chocolate
Hands-on cooking class Lunch which includes a bottle  of Amarone wine, a bottle of water, coffe.

Country side specialty
Pasta e fagioli (red beans and potaotes soup)
Cappelli della suora (nun’s hat ravioli shaped served with white ragout)
Stuffed Guinea Fowl
Almonds Crumble cake
Hands-on cooking class Lunch which includes a bottle of Ripasso ( Valpolicella superior )  wine, a bottle of water, coffee.
Each student will have a personalized folder with the recipes.
By the end of lesson the students will receive a culinary diploma signed by the chef

Please ask for rates and avaiability.

Symbolic ceremony

At le Gemme di Artemisia  you can celebrate your  symbolic wedding in a beautiful  setting accompanied by an aperitif and finger food or buffet or dinner.
Our offer for the cerimony:
only ceremony
symbolic ceremony & Finger food (2 hours)
Ceremony & deluxe buffet finger food (3 hours)
Ceremony & Dinner
Setting up chairs, table and decorations  are included  in the price.


Package for two people staying in Gemme suite

3 nights Bed&Breakfast. 1 morning cooking lesson, at the end of lesson lunch included Short visit in Valpolicella and wine tasting with local product. Transportation provided.

3 nights Bed&Breakfast
4 cooking lessons Advanced level (2 morning and 2 afternoon) at the end of lesson lunch and dinner included.

4 nights Bed&Breakfast
3 morning lessons, at the end of lesson lunch included








Le Gemme di Artemisia cooking class , wedding & accomodation

Le Gemme di Artemisia is a private located of a hill side of an enchanting location, only 5 min from a small village on the east coast of the lake, a perfect place to enjoy your cooking class or your special wedding day on our terrace with an astonishing view to the lake.

We are opened from the 6th April to the 5th November 2018. During July and August the opening time is only in the evening. Up to June and from September, exceptionally may be agreed service at lunch.
Service is carried out exclusively by on line reservation at least 24 hours in advance
To ensure proper performance of your dinner, reservations will not be accepted for times later at 21:30.

Ristorante “Le Gemme di Artemisia”
Via Corrubio 18
37010 Albisano di Torri del Benaco
Verona – Lago di Garda
Tel + 39 045 242 862 2 | Mobile : +39 348 750 46 33 also WhatsApp

Please fill in the suggested form for reservation or further requests.

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